Saturday, 22 September 2012

October is near

It's 22nd September already.  The temperature has started to fall and the leaves are turning.  Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons.  I'm starting to think about Halloween activities, namely pumpkin designs.  I did a quick search today and found some truly amazing ones, including ones with Frankenstein's Monster and one with that famous scene from the Shinning. However I think I will stick to a more traditional one myself.  So looks like it is going to be one of these:

This was last year's attempt. Not bad I think:
 Well happy carving.
As for music I have found a really good band called Nox Arcana, mostly instrumental music with a Gothic and slightly theatrical theme.  This one is from the Grimm Tales collections, Labyrinth of Dreams.
All I need now is to decide what I'm going to do cooking wise for Autumn, lots of stews, warming curries....

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