Sunday, 30 September 2012

Today I'm listening to...

The Velvet Underground, I'm Sticking With You.

I have to confess I don't know much about this band apart from the fact Lou Reed was involved. I had a friend during my teenage years who loved this band and she was frequently talking about how good they were.  Well I think I should reserve judgement until I hear some more of their songs, but I like what I hear of this one.

I think I should point out now that not all my posts about music will have a story behind them.  Some times I will listen to music just because...... (as annoying as that expression is, it does have a habit of being true on numerous occasions).    

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Music this week

Here is a small selection of the music I have been listening to this week.

Thunderclap Newton, Something in the Air. Why: I was thinking about my late teens, when I watched the film Almost Famous. A film about a teenage boy who fools Rolling Stone Magazine into letting him accompany an 'up and coming' rock band on a tour in 1973.
I loved the film so much that I bought the soundtrack as well. Songs include Feel Flows by The Beach Boys, I'm waiting for the Man, David Bowie's version and Elton John's Tiny Dancer.  I haven't seen the film for a while as my copy was on VHS and it some how moved off my shelf and into my brother's room, as did the soundtrack.  Something that is to be expected when your younger brother is a sound and video student.

Another song tomorrow.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

October is near

It's 22nd September already.  The temperature has started to fall and the leaves are turning.  Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons.  I'm starting to think about Halloween activities, namely pumpkin designs.  I did a quick search today and found some truly amazing ones, including ones with Frankenstein's Monster and one with that famous scene from the Shinning. However I think I will stick to a more traditional one myself.  So looks like it is going to be one of these:

This was last year's attempt. Not bad I think:
 Well happy carving.
As for music I have found a really good band called Nox Arcana, mostly instrumental music with a Gothic and slightly theatrical theme.  This one is from the Grimm Tales collections, Labyrinth of Dreams.
All I need now is to decide what I'm going to do cooking wise for Autumn, lots of stews, warming curries....

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Pass me the map

I have to confess to feeling slightly lost of late.  Recently I lost a close family member (Nana). This is the second family member that I have lost this year, the other being my aunt. I am of course sad with grief but I am also mourning a loss of identity. Recent events both personally and professionally have left me feeling that I need to get to know my self again, if in fact I ever knew my self to start with.
Life has moved so fast in recent years, elements of my life have got neglected and left behind.  The mundane  has taken over, the soul is disappearing.
So here I start out on a new journey, but does it really benefit anyone to have a map to follow or should I just walk and see where the road leads?