Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A brave new world?

Today I read 2 articles in the Guardian. Both about women's equality.  The first article was read over my working lunch. It was about some women who fought to be allowed to stand at the bar of a Fleet Street Wine bar with their male colleagues.  The bar appeared to have a 'policy' that women should remain seated at tables so as not to be pushed and shoved when ordering drinks. However a female journalist and lawyer took the bar to court to over turn the policy.
At first I thought this must have happened in at latest the 1970's at the hight of Women's 'Lib'. But no the date was in fact 1982! Only 2 years before I was born.  Surely at this time society had moved on to the level were this type of treatment of women was completely unacceptable.  However when I consider my birth certificate issued in 1984, the section regarding father asks what occupation he has, however this same question is not asked of the mother.  Does it just assume that she has no occupation?

the lady's round

Well if I was disappointed that society wasn't that forward thinking in the 1980's, imagine how disheartened I was to read this today in 2012.

results of CoE vote to allow women to become Bishops