Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ponder of the day....

The good thing about wearing glasses is that no matter how horrid the things you see in the corner of your eye are, you can always blame them on a speck of dust on the lens.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

What I got in my Yuletide Stocking....

Well Christmas was certainly a long time coming this year.  It is very bad timing that the most stressful time at the 8.30-5.00 happens to fall at the one time of year when I do not want to be stressed, in fact as far as I'm concerned 22nd December to 30th January is my reward for all the general stress that I have to deal with throughout the year.  Perhaps that is why I'm particularly angry that this normally relaxed time has been invaded by tension and anxiety.

Right rant over, let me tell you what I got in my stocking.  M's gifts to me this year were very thoughtful and somewhat insightful, he got me a Nigella Lawson cook book; Nigellissima (what the spell check have fun with that one!), chocolate, Ferrero Rocher and Black Magic, DVD of the Frozen Planet from the BBC and another book; Victorian Farm.  For those of your who don't know, Victorian Farm is a BBC programme about 3 historians who take up the challenge of living and working on a farm using ideas and techniques from the Victorian era.  
I got my first Loreena Mckennit album from my brother which includes the song The Mummers Dance.  I got cooking accessories from my parents and a fantastic satchel that will go well with my green coat. I also got various Spa 'smellies' that I shall enjoy relaxing into with the aid of a hot bath (that should help with the stress).  We have our little Christmas dinner soon, then winter soups are planned and flat sorting.....the possibilities are endless.  Such is the time of year.