Sunday, 21 October 2012

Teenage Dreams....

Yesterday I achieved a dream that I've had since I was a teenager. I attended a Star Trek convention!
Based in the Excel Centre in London, it was Europe's biggest Star Trek convention to date.  All 5 captains were there plus Brent Spinner (Data), Michael Dorn (Worf) and lots of other members of the cast.
M and I only bought the standard ticket, so that was entry to the convention and access to most of the stalls and displays.
We met up with some of M's friends while there, one of whom had bought tickets to get an autograph and a picture taken with Brent Spinner and Michael Dorn.

What did I see?
Costumes! Mostly Star Fleet uniforms, but there was a couple of Seven of Nine lookalikes and of course some Klingon warriors.  Also we saw some people dressed up as Q from Encounter at Farpoint, basically he was an very over the top judge!
Here is a picture of him from the show in question, with Captain Picard:
One event was the Star Trek museum.  This included props from all the series.  Most impressive was the fact that they had Data's head from the 2 part episode Broken Arrow.
I managed to take a picture of it.
I really enjoyed the day and would definitely want to attend another one.  We did noticed that all the merchandise was very over priced.  I found a very nice Star Trek mug that I wanted to buy, however the £25 price tag put me off.  We also found some themed hoodies but they were nearing £60!  However I did manage to get a souvenir edition of Star Trek magazine, a keyring and a Com. Badge for M.
All in all it was a fantastic day out that I would recommend to any Star Trek fan.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A matter of perspective

There are moments when it seems that we have become allergic to life. When tasks we complete on a daily basis seem strangely alien and impossible to achieve. When situations that are dealt with easily one week seem to render you a babbling wreck the next.
It is during these moments that many questions that we would love to remain unspoken poke their head out of little holes, and say 'hello I'm back'.

Questions like 'is life really this bad or is it all just the way I see the world'.  Do our many different moods really change how we perceive things and people.
Is happiness really about what occurs or just how I deal with it. If so, if I have the power to chose how I feel then why do I feel bad when it is the last thing that I want?
Does the answer to the question change if you have to ask it?