Sunday, 4 August 2013

Long summer nights

Since my last post we have had a heat wave, which has some what made up for the long winter we had.  Despite my resolution to get out and enjoy the sunshine this year and try to get some of the tan back that I had when I was younger, the heat has proved to be just too much for me.  My tan was progressing nicely but I then developed prickly heat which has been a real pain in the neck.  This has been worse at night and on one occasion I was forced to sleep with an ice pack on my arm, the very same ice pack that is used to keep my lunch box cool!  
M and I are starting the long and stressful process of looking for a new home.  As much as we love our flat, it is just too small for us.  Plus we would also love a garden, outside space is something that I really long for. 

What am I listening to at the moment: Loreena Mckennit, the Mirror and the Mask album.
What am I reading: Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent.
What have I been watching: BBC documentary, Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve. 

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