Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fire up the retros!

For over a year now I have being following the Youtube channel of Cherry Doll Face, an alternative module. She is very keen on retro styles from the 40's and 50's and even 60's. She makes a lot of hair and make up tutorials and she has recently started her own cosmetic line with an American company called Bomber Betty. I am very interested in these looks and I hope to recreate these on myself one day.
Here are some examples of her videos:

On this same topic I recently came across a line of cosmetic called Art Deco. They are being sold at Debenhams. They caught my eye firstly because of the name, Art Deco has always been a style that I have been interested in. Secondly their 'poster girl' was Dita Von Teese. Both proved to be irresistible combination. Of course with a name like that they are not your everyday cosmetic like Rimmel, to be honest looking at the price they aren't even going to be your every month cosmetic! But I think that any money that I am lucky enough to receive for my next birthday will be used to purchase some thing from their line. It will be my 30th so......I think I should splash out a bit!

Here is a link to the Art Deco site

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